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Congratulations on your BNI South East Tennessee BNI® membership! The team and I want to support you and your business through BNI's proven system. The items below are key to take advantage of the many benefits of your BNI® membership. It has been shown that carefully completing each step can produce postive growth in your business, and increase your networking skills. Although it is not necessary to go through the information in the order it is presented, member experinece shows it is helpful to do so for a successful BNI® journey.

Elaine Zambos, Executive Director BNI South East Tennessee Region

1. Watch a brief welcome message from our founder, Dr. Ivan Misner.

Welcome Message from BNI's founder Ivan Misner

2. Get logged into your digital tools BNI Connect® and BNI® Business Builder.

BNI Connect® is where you will access the member directory and keep record of your member activities. BNI® Business Builder is the member education platform to help you know how to build your business using BNI. Watch this short video to learn how to get connected with both of these important member tools.

Getting connected to your online BNI tools BNI Connect and BNI Business Builder

3. Fill out your BNI Connect® profile.

This short video will help you navigate in BNI Connect® and show you where to fill out your BNI profile so that your fellow members can learn about you and be better able to connect you with referrals.

Intro to BNI Connect and completing your member profile

4. Explore the BNI Connect® Mobile App.

The BNI Connect® Mobile App is a convenient portal into BNI Connect® right from your phone. Watch this short video to for an orientation to this convenient, always with you, portal to register Visitors, enter activity, and access the member directory.

Intro to the BNI Connect Mobile App

5. Get a strong start by learning key skills through the Member Success Program (MSP).

a. If you want to do it via “live” Zoom training, we have one EVERY month. Select the burtton below to go the BNI SE Tennessee CALENDAR page, location "Member Success Program" and register to attend.
MSP Registration

b. If you want to do the training online, please follow the instructions below to take the Member Success Program (new member training) online through BNI Business Builder.
Please go to BNI Business Builder and if you have already registered for this training site, go ahead and log in! If you have not signed up for BNI University, go ahead and click on "forgot password" and with the email address that is in the BNI Connect system, set up your login credentials.

Once you are in BNI Business Builder, you can go to the top banner and click on "BN BB Training" and then click on "Training Programs" and one of the first training options on the list should be "Member Success Program (8 courses)". Complete all 8 courses in the program and we will update your training record in BNI Connect, once the system reflects 100% completion! 
BNI Business Builder

6. Download and review the 7-minute Guides for key BNI activities.

These 7-minute Guides are designed to quickly guide you in key activities and best practices in BNI that can help them be more successful in growing your business by referral. Each guide is only 2 pages and packed with information, guidance, tips, and additional resources. These are a great compliment to the Member Success Program (MSP) in the previous step.

7 Minute Guide to Maximizing Referrals Through Visibility
7 Minute Guide to Visibility
7 Minute Guide to Perfect Weekly Presentations
7 Minute Guide to Weekly Presentations
7 Minute Guide to Perfect One-to-One Meetings
7 Minute Guide to Perfect One-to-Ones
7 Minute Guide to Growing Your Referral Network
7 Minute Guide to Growing Your Network
7 Minute Guide to Giving Great Referrals
7 Minute Guide to Giving Great Referrals

7. Schedule your first 1-to-1 Meeting.

1-to-1s are the way we build relationships with each other in BNI and learn how to send each other good quality referrals. Schedule 1-2 a week to start connecting with your chapter referral partners. We recommend prioritizing your Passport to Success mentoring 1-to-1s with 10 key chapter members as well as 1-to-1s with those in the chapter who can most naturally refer to you first. You will then begin meeting with the other chapter members and continue to schedule repeat 1-to-1s to deepen the relationships. Be sure to complete your Bio, GAINS Exchange in BNI Connect so you can exchange them with your 1-to-1 partners before your 1-to-1. You may also use the planning doument linked below.

One-to-One Planner for Impactful Powerful 1-to-1s
1-to-1 Meeting Planner for Effective 1-to-1s

8. Invite and Bring your first Visitor. Help someone else grow their business.

Bringing Visitors adds value to your network. You give the person you invited a chance to access a team to help them grow their business by referral. You add new connections within your BNI Chapter that helps everyone have an increased opportunity for referrals. The links below will help you be more successful not only inviting, but bringing Visitors to your chapter. You can also share the video below with your prospective Visitors if they ask for more information. 

Official BNI Podcasts On Bringing Visitors
Official BNI Podcasts on Bringing Visitors
GRIP Inviting Method
GRIP Inviting Method
Registering Visitors in BNI Connect® Mobile App
Registering Visitors in BNI Connect® Mobile App


9. Complete your Passport to Success

Connect with the Mentor Coordinator in your chapter. They will help get you started on your New Member Passport to Success. It is a fantastic way to start having conversations with members in the chapter and understanding how the leadership team works and what their individual roles are.

Passport To Success - New Member Engagement Program


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