New and Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee New & Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month. For more information contact the BNI South East Tennessee office by calling (423) 401-8957 or click here to send an email message.

BNI South East Tennessee is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members during June 2019.

New Member Chapter
Frank Holcolm Lookout
Willie LaBonne Lookout
Bernie Rubin Gold Eagle
Matthew Gann Scenic City
Liz Casteel CBC
Kevin Torres Nooga Exchange
John Hensley Cleveland Connection
  Renewing Member Chapter
Kim Ray River City
Brian Kneigge Edge
Scott Stroud Gold
avid Herrick Business Builders
Beth Stockman Happy Hour
Buck Doughtey River City
John Lewis Cleveland Connection
Wayne Denham Gold
Diana McElveen Uptown
Esther Suggs Lookout
Chase Patterson Scenic City
Jim Hartley Uptown
David Oesch Gold Standard

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