New and Renewing Members - April

BNI South East Tennessee New & Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month. For more information contact the BNI South East Tennessee office by calling (765) 623-7469 or click here to send an email message.

BNI South East Tennessee is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members during April 2023.

New Member

Chapter Name

Brandon Wooden Walden
Austin Jones I Gotta Guy
Haley Miller Rock Pointe Referrals
Stephanie Johnson 4 Bridges
Jack Tarpley I Gotta Guy
Lucinda Boyd Nooga Power
Ryan Calderon North Shore
Josh Davis I Gotta Guy
John Hunter Nooga Power
Isaiah Knox I Gotta Guy
John Attardo King Pins
Tucker Brown Cleveland Connection
Andrew Ball I Gotta Guy
Brent Rainey Nooga Power
Gabe Gutierrez Nooga Power
Austin Jameson I Gotta Guy
Andrew White I Gotta Guy
Michael DeRose Mountain City
Susan Mitchell Rock Pointe Referrals
Aaron Pierce I Gotta Guy
Camby Akers I Gotta Guy
Benny Mull I Gotta Guy
Corey Whitaker Edge
Jon Cable I Gotta Guy
Andrew Ball I Gotta Guy
Andrew Murabito I Gotta Guy
Erica Stone I Gotta Guy
Jack Tarpley I Gotta Guy
Josh Davis I Gotta Guy
Russell Barns I Gotta Guy
Isaiah Knox I Gotta Guy
Marionnth Critser I Gotta Guy
Shawn Casadevall I Gotta Guy
Lucinda Bryant 4 Bridges
Amanda Touchstone King Pins
Frank Dixon Uptown
Chris Bradberry Power Net
Robert Naughton King Pins
Miles Cooper King Pins
Rachel Bruner Mountain City
Dems Noel Power Net
Renewing Member

Chapter Name

Jake Self Gold Standard
Nikki Rozzell King Pins
Josh Casey Uptown
Sam McCahill Gold Standard
Ali Horton Scenic City
Mike Bosinger Uptown
David Youngblood Uptown
Kim Tilly Uptown
Tim Caldwell Uptown
Ryan Womack Uptown
Stephanie Parham King Pins
Kay Mitchell River City
Matthew Nuar Scenic City
Owen Kneck Edge
Craig Richard Nooga Power
Joe Klein Uptown
Russ Eagle Scenic City
Rachel Bilbrey Walden
Scott Szymborski Scenic City
Verna Knight Walden

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