New and Renewing Members - August

BNI South East Tennessee New & Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month. For more information contact the BNI South East Tennessee office by calling (765) 623-7469 or click here to send an email message.

BNI South East Tennessee is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members during August 2022.

New Member

Chapter Name

Jerry Weaver CBC
Lisa Jones Uptown
Rosemarie Ayoola CBC
Lauren Wingrove  River City
Robert Dunn Cleveland 
Kaylee Baierl Mountain City
Joe Mahler Rock Pointe
Edwin Tucker Uptown
Stephanie Smith Uptown
Bates Reed Happy Hour
Mike Dial Uptown
Chris Moffat CBC
David Agan Happy Hour
Mark Shepherd Cleveland 
Donna Morgan Walden
Sheryl Yates  BBC
Grady Wilson Nooga Exchange

Renewing Member

Chapter Name
Barry Brock Scenic City
Stuart Martin Lookout
Kevin Harvey Edge
Jim Pala North Shore
Joel Atkins Nooga PP
Nathaniel Hubbard Happy Hour
Gary Reese Happy Hour
Eugene Horton North Shore
Katie Reece Scenic City
Marisanne Shiver Uptown
Tim Forsythe Uptown
Carolyn Muller Walden
Nathan Torgerson Edge
Ali Robinson Scenic City
Jen Buniak King Pins
Greg Gilbert Lookout
Adam Holland Edge
Andrea Waters Uptown
Andy Smith Lookout
Cullom Hooks Uptown
Daniel Anderson Gig City
Dave Brockman Nooga Exchange
David Martin Scenic City
Ed Hopkins North Shore
Elias Yandell Mountain City
Joe Bell BBC
Matt Hilke BBC
Melissa Guinn Lookout
Michael Blackwell Uptown
Monica Merritt Nooga Exchange
Sherman Franklin Gold Standard
William Portlock Uptown

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