New and Renewing Members - October

BNI South East Tennessee New & Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month. For more information contact the BNI South East Tennessee office by calling (765) 623-7469 or click here to send an email message.

BNI South East Tennessee is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members during October 2023.

New Member

Chapter Name

Jeff Wolford Nooga Power
Alex Castro I Gotta Guy
Austin Scafe Nooga Exchange
Brenton Austin Nooga Power
Manny Guirola TVR
Nicholas Shanks Scenic City
Kevin Raborn Scenic City
Haley Miller Rock Pointe
America Wagner 4 Bridges
Wendi Stott Money Makers
Michael Stewart Nooga Exchange
Shannon McDaniel Mountain city
Jayme Bridges TVR
Caleb O'Neal TVR
Shane Catlett TVR
Eyrick Allen TVR
DeAngelo Jelks Edge
Priscilla Castlebary TVR
Mitch Mizell TVR
Bailey Currie TVR
Jonathon Gonzalez TVR
Aileen Litwin Nooga Exchange
Martin Self Power Net
James Anderson Power Net
Carol Carter TVR
Edwin Sanchez TVR
Isaiah Williams TVR
Travis Gray TVR
Jacob Stevens Edge
Rebecca Allen Cleveland Connect
John Williams River City
Jamie Saylor Power Net
Manny Guirola TVR

Renewing Member

Chapter Name
Matt Crawford Walden
Stephanie Callison Scenic City
Jay Hudson King Pins
Kohl Henke Edge
Rich Dewitt CBC
Shannon Ritzhaupt Cleveland Connect
April Helson BBC
Lynn Tengler Scenic City
Kaylee Baierl Mountain city
Don Rixie Gold Standard
Alex Herrick CBC
Darrell Whitaker Cleveland Connect
Michael Orlin Nooga Exchange
Scott Stone Lookout
Neil Turner Walden
Ryan Rhodes Scenic City
Tim Sedlock Power Net
Andy Cole PowerProducers
Amber Furgeson Gold Standard
Jody Dunn Scenic City
Scott Schrader River City
TD Scott Gig City

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