New and Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee New & Renewing Members

BNI South East Tennessee region publishes the names of all new and renewing members each month. For more information contact the BNI South East Tennessee office by calling (423) 401-8957 or click here to send an email message.

BNI South East Tennessee is pleased to recognize the following new and renewing members during August 2019.

New Member Chapter
Dr Todd Torbett Gold Standard
Ashley Smith River City
Robert DeBusk Bridge City
Justin Bethune Business Builders
Michelle Tennyson East Ridge
Kevin Powell Scenic City
Gary Smalt CBC
Joel Heflen Nooga Exchange
Jamie Stancil CBC
Donald Rodger Mountain City
William Moore Cleveland Connection
Shawn Walker Cleveland Connection
Graci Burnett CBC
Nick Stembridge Edge
Colton Cross Happy Hour
Charles Ray Edge
Sheldon Wright Gold Standard
Renewing Member Chapter
Tim Forsythe Uptown
Barret Albritton Scenic City
Josh Goode Uptown
Andy Smith Lookout
Zac Hindeman CBC
Melissa Guinn Lookout
Paige Johnson Lookout
Scott Jones  Uptown
George Hixson Walden
Andy Scheu River City
Kay Huggins Lookout
Tommy Taylor Gold Standard
Beverly Payne CBC
Matt Hilke BBC
Barry Fizzell Scenic City
Steven Case BBC

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